31st 5K Run/Walk Fundraising Event

Mark your calendars for October 1, 2022 – our 31st Annual 5K Fundraiser at Reynolds Lodge, Shawnee Lake!

Runner Rules – 5K Runners review before registering

  • All 5K Runners must wear the race number provided and wear their assigned runner chip bib in order to receive their race time for the 5K event.
  • Overall 5K awards will be based on clock time; age-group awards will be based on chip time.
  • 5K Runners are not allowed to push strollers or run with dogs.  Only registered walkers are allowed to have dogs on the 5K course with them.
    5K Walkers may push strollers, pull wagons or push wheelchairs (with participant secured while on course), but they must begin at the back of the walker group.  Children in strollers/wagons must be secured in stroller/wagon at all times while on the 5K course.  Children not in strollers/wagons on the 5K course must have a paid registration.
  • A signed waiver must be received for each participant on the 5K course

5K Running Awards

Awards will be given to the paid participants who enter the 5K running competition and wear an assigned microchip bib. The top three overall male and female runners will receive awards.  A Master’s award will be presented to the top male and female runners, age 50 years or older.  Awards will be presented to the top 3 male and female runners based on the following age groups:

  • 12 & Under
  • 13 – 19
  • 20 – 24
  • 25 – 29
  • 30 – 34
  • 35 – 39
  • 40 – 44
  • 45 – 49
  • 50 – 54
  • 55 – 59
  • 60 – 64
  • 65 – 69
  • 70 & Over

Where is the event?

Reynolds Lodge at Shawnee Lake – 3315 SE Tinman Circle, Topeka, Kansas  66605

Free Event Parking

Event parking is available near the Reynold’s Lodge at Shawnee Lake.  Please drive carefully and safely allow our volunteers to guide your car into our designated parking area at the Reynold’s Lodge.

5K Run Scoring

Microchip technology will be provided with results posted here after the 5K.   To be eligible for awards 5K participants must be registered as runners and must wear their assigned runner bib during the event.  Results will be posted after the 5K event on site as well as online.

Overall awards will be based on clock time; age group awards will be based on chip time.

Strollers, Wagons & Wheelchairs on the 5K course

Runners are not allowed to push strollers or wheelchairs.

Walkers may push strollers or wheelchairs or pull wagons, but are required to start at the back of the walkers.  Wheelchair, stroller or wagon rider must be secured at all times while on the course.

Children must be secured in their strollers/wagon at all times while on the course.  Any child not in a stroller/wagon on the 5K course must be a paid registrant.

Breast Cancer Survivors

The Race Against Breast Cancer will honor all breast cancer survivors registered to participate with a complimentary gift.

5K Chairs & Honorary Chairs

2022 5K Chair – Tiffany Criss & Co-Chair – Shelby Moe
30th Yr – 2021 5K Chair – Connie Wagers / Honorary Chairs-Shannon Bergmann, Lisa Carlton, Tiffany Criss, Billie Hall & Katy Nelson
2020 5K Chair – Connie Wagers
2019 5K Chair – Connie Wagers / Honorary Chairs – Robert Kenagy, MD, Stormont Vail Health CEO & Steven Anderson, The University of Kansas Health System St Francis Campus CEO
2018 5K Chair – Santhi Hamm / Honorary Chair – Deb Yocum, VP and Clinic Operations Officer at Cotton O’Neil Clinics and Stormont-Vail Health
2017 5K Chair – Paige Conlin / Honorary Chair –  Dr. Bernita Berntsen
25th Yr – 2016 5K Chair – Katy Nelson / Honorary Chair – Dustin Dick, principal of USD 501 Topeka West High School
2015 5K Chair – Dawn Robertson / Honorary Chair – Jim Ogle
2014 5K Chair – Tiffany Logue / Honorary Chairs – Don & Barbara Stone, owners of Topeka Roadrunners
2013 5K Chair – Breanna Berroth / Honorary Chair – Andrew C. Corbin, President and CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of KS
2012 5K Chair – Brie Engelken / Honorary Chair – John B. Dicus, Chairman, President & CEO, Capitol Federal
20th Yr – 2011 5K Chair – Cindy Samuelson / Honorary Chairs – Robert Erickson, St Francis Health Center CEO & Maynard Oliverius, Stormont-Vail HealthCare CEO
2010 5K Chair – Rachel McLin / Honorary Chair – Sandy Praeger, KS Insurance Commissioner
2009 5K Chair – Shirley Hollis / Honorary Chair – Sherriff Richard Barta
2008 5K Chair – Dawn Robertson / Honorary Chair – Chris Gallagher, KMAJ
2007 5K Chair – Jerri Blassingame / Honorary Chair – Kris Robbins, CEO of Security Benefit
15th Yr – 2006 5K Chair – Pam Alexander / Honorary Chair – Billie Gibson Hall
2005 5K Chair – Tami Zeilinger / Honorary Chair – Melissa Brunner
2004 5K Chair – Cindy Samuelson / Honorary Chair – Ron Thornburg, KS Secretary of State
2003 5K Chair – Pam Brandsted / Honorary Chair – Dr. Bernita Berntsen
2002 5K Chair – Cindy Samuelson / Honorary Chair – Linda P Jeffrey
10th Yr – 2001 5K Chair – Pam Alexander / Honorary Chair – Dr. Jerry Farley, President Washburn University
2000 5K Chair – Kathy Stacken / Honorary Chair – Rose Diehl, KMAJ
1999 5K Chair – Joni Merillat / Honorary Chair – Kathleen Sebelius, KS Insurance Comissioner
1998 5K Chair – Joni Merillat / Honorary Chair – Mayor Joan Wagnon
1997 5K Chair – Sophie George / Honorary Chair-KS First Lady Linda Graves
5th Yr – 1996 5K Chair – Joni Merillat
1995 5K Chair – Paula Baum
1994 5K Chair – Debbie Geist
1993 5K Chair – Ann Hoover
1991 5K Chair – Pam Alexander & Billie Hall

Thank you to Our 2022 Event Sponsors.

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